Tammy Boland — Veterinary Nurse

Oceanport, NJ

Tammy Boland has saved hundreds of our canine companions over the last 11+ years, through her non-profit Pick Your Paw Animal Rescue. Tammy’s journey with rescuing dogs began by adopting Ella, a 9-year-old German Shepherd, who was soon to be euthanized. Tammy networks with some of the busiest shelters in the NJ-NY-PA area, where she pulls the most at-risk dogs: seniors, those with medical needs and pit bulls. Tammy has seen how a dog who has been abused, neglected or left behind will forgive and trust again. And, with her work as a vet tech, she knows how a dog in physical or emotional pain can be treated and helped. This is what keeps her going, this is her mission. She has helped fighting and bait dogs find a new lease on life. She has arranged for emergency surgeries. She has helped dogs recover from chronic medical issues. She has provided a safe haven through her foster home network. Her fellow vet techs and staff are also invested in the dogs she brings into the animal hospital where she has worked for 19 years, often fostering “Tammy’s dogs.” She recently rescued the “5 Minions” – pit bulls saved from fighting – to see them play on grass for the first time. She remembers when her son Evan was a 1st grader and he convinced his classmates to ask their parents to adopt a pit bull. Tammy plans to continue to guide the next generation of animal lovers and advocates. Although Tammy asks for no recognition, her rescue organization is truly the “little rescue group that can.”