Suzanne Nunes — Veterinary Nurse

Moorpark, California

Suzanne Nunes, RVT is the embodiment of compassion and patient advocacy. Suzanne is an exceptional technician with an emphasis in behavioral studies who constantly puts patient safety and well-being at the forefront of her job tasks. When she is not working in the hospital, she dedicates her spare time to volunteerism and canine rescue. In conjunction with Spark of Santa Barbara, Suzanne regularly helps to rescue dogs from a few Los Angeles county shelters with immense struggles and a kill rate of 80%. She has fostered several dogs whom she has personally taken financial responsibility for. She goes above and beyond for her foster pets including caring for their extensive surgical needs. You can also find Suzanne volunteering each week at Ventura County Animal Services (VCAS). She helps our local shelter community thrive by assisting in a Canine Confidence Program designed to mentally and physically stimulate dogs while building their overall confidence. Suzanne is not just a Hero for pets, she is an incredible advocate for the welfare of other veterinary professionals and individuals in care-giving fields. These fields are no stranger to depression and suicide. Suzanne is no stranger to immense personal loss. She utilizes her awe-inspiring strength, compassion, love, and experience to revitalize and unite those around her. Without a doubt, she is our American Hero Veterinary Technician and we think anyone who gets to know her would think so too.