Robin Post — Veterinary Nurse

Sebastopol, California

I first met Robin Post in 2008. She was a volunteer assistant on a Rural Area Veterinary Services field clinic in Covelo, CA. She was earnest, engaged and afraid she wasn’t going to be able to handle our needs. Fast forward to 2017. Robin is a masterful RVT and exceptionally proficient and forward thinking mentor. While her technical skills and knowledge base are truly exceptional, it is her commitment to the forgotten animals in our world that truly sets her apart as an inspiring Hero Veterinary Technician. Robin proactively seeks professional opportunities to help animals where others will not. She has worked in exceptionally emotionally and physically-challenging situations to bring care to animals in extreme poverty, hoarding cases, wildfires and native nation reservations. She has been brave and has initiated programs that saves lives where others have not. She developed a student veterinary technician training program in HQHVSN so that Stockton Animal Services could develop an ambitious spay-neuter program. As a result, the Live Release rate increased from 32% in 2012 to 83% in 2016, translating into an extra 6000 lives saved/yr. Robin’s current professional magic is developing a community cat’s program for an expanded area of the East Bay. She is a quiet force who goes about her work without fanfare. Her life-calling to enhance the human-animal bond and help animals in need is palpable. Her efforts are pure. Robin Post is your 2017 hero.