Priya DeSoyza — Veterinarian

Lebanon, New Jersey

When I think of Dr. DeSoyza I think of incredible strength and compassion. I first met Dr. DeSoyza when she began working at Crown Veterinary Specialists. Her love and passion for the animals was clearly evident right from the start. Our relationship sprouted as we got to know each other at work. What we didn’t know was that 6 years prior Priya underwent a radical mastectomy for breast cancer. She battled through taking chemo and working. Shortly after beginning at Crown Vet, Dr DeSoyza took a special interest in the dogs from Outcast Rescue knowing first hand the horrible conditions the dogs would come in. She then volunteered to be the rescues medical director. Shortly after Priya received the horrific news that the cancer was back and her new diagnosis was metastatic breast cancer. Priya is one of the strongest women I have ever come across. To be diagnosed with cancer is horrible enough but to learn the cancer has metastasized is catastrophic. She has not once let her diagnose stop her from the love and care she gives to every patient that comes through the door of the emergency room. Priya may not always feel well, especially on the weeks she receives her chemotherapy but that vibrant smile and contagious laugh is always there. Priya is the same old Priya who is fighting an uphill battle. Her love for the animals and her constant will to help them keep her going. Not only is she a great ER doc, she is a great co-worker and friend. She is a HERO, our HERO!