Patricia Canchola — Veterinarian

Pueblo, Colorado

Dr. Patti, as she is known in our community, has worked as a shelter veterinarian since 2009 for Pueblo Animal Services. She is the only veterinarian on staff and performs between 3500 and 4500 spay and neuter surgeries every year. In addition, she performs about 200 other surgeries, treating animals that have trauma related injuries, masses, broken bones and other injuries. She is responsible for the care of approximately 5000 animals at the shelter every year, and cares for all with compassion, sensitivity and professionalism. Last year, Dr. Patti took it upon herself to take veterinary forensics courses to be better trained when examining abused, neglected and mistreated animals that are part of criminal investigations. She regularly testifies in cruelty to animals criminal trials, being the voice for the animal victims, so that they may be heard.

On top of this very busy and difficult job, she operates her own non-profit pet food bank, helping hundreds of families every year to feed their pets. As if that was not enough for her to do, she also runs a independent low cost pet health clinic two Saturdays a month, offering affordable vaccines, preventative health care and treatment of common illnesses and minor injuries. The Pueblo community experiences high levels of poverty, which absolutely affects pets every day. Low income pet owners are able to better care for their pets thanks to her Amazin’ Amos Pet Food Pantry and her St. Martins Well Pet Clinic.