Nicole McArthur — Veterinarian

Granite Bay, CA

Veterinarians are at a risk for suicide several times greater than the national average and in 2014 the tragic death by her own hand of Dr. Sophia Yin shocked the profession. This was the catalyst for Dr. McArthur, having dealt with depression and burn out herself, to start a peer-to-peer veterinary mental health support group. Initially it was just a few veterinarian Facebook friends. Then other veterinarians learned of it and wanted to join. And still more joined, until it went both viral and global. As of this writing more than 11,000 veterinarians are part of the Not One More Vet family. Lives have been changed and saved because many veterinarians have found they now have a safe place to turn to talk about their problems and receive loving, non-judgmental support. Not One More Vet is now Not One More Vet, Inc. and not-for-profit status is pending. The corporation will raise money for mental health education to help fulfill Dr. McArthur’s initial goal: that not one more vet would see suicide as a viable alternative. Dr. McArthur is my hero veterinarian because she saw a need and addressed it. What’s more, her vision touches thousands of veterinarians, who in turn touch thousands of clients and patients, bettering the lives for all. That’s a true hero.