Lynette Krystene Karpen — Veterinary Nurse

West Allis, WI

Lynette is the most hardworking, honest and fair person I know. She started at Spirit as a shadow while in school for becoming a CVT. She was hired after finishing school and has now become the head tech. She cares about her staff and is always fair including putting herself on the same level as she puts her staff…training, helping when asked and keeping an eye on all around her and jumping in when she sees someone needing help without hesitation. For CVT week she made every day a surprise for her staff, got reps involved with lunches, and gifts and even made scrub tops for each of them tie-dying each one to the colors that suited them. She is respected by her staff and give that respect back to them. We are a busy clinic and truly some days you just want to find a corner and hide, but if Lynette feels like that you wouldn’t know it. I see her with clients and the animals and she is caring as are all the staff. She and her mum have had a feline rescue maybe why she decided to go into the field of animals. She is truly deserving of being recognized for all that she does. Happy to be given the opportunity to let people know and hope she sees this. Thank you for considering Lynette, “Top Tech” always in my book, Betty M. PS – Truly the staff works as a team and Lynette does a fantastic job as a leader as she leads by example and never asks her staff to do anything game wouldn’t do herself.