Laura Gerard — Veterinary Nurse

Hooksett, New Hampshire

She is the head tech for Northside Animal Hospital and is beyond knowledgeable. She is a can do everything type of person. Beyond that, she also is a amazing supervisor, teacher, caring individual, and mother. She goes above and beyond for pet’s, their owners, staff members, and her job. 2020 was difficult for everyone due to the COVID pandemic. Laura went through alot with this and still showed up to work everyday with a smile on her face and a “let’s do this” gleeful attitude. Oh and did I mention the vet clinic was under construction/renovation through most of 2020 and at this moment as well. The clinic did not close down at all. Laura is a core member and contributor to this hospital. She is a sturdy beam helping hold everything together as well as the clockwork that keeps the gears turning. She does not know I entered her, but I feel she is beyond deserving of this acknowledgment and award for her excellence, knowledge, and positive attitude. Everyone loves Laura. She works so hard everyday and wears so many hats. I thought of all my fellow vet tech friends that I could nominate, but given all Laura has done in her career and continues to do at Northside I believe she is the most deserving. She is just an amazing individual all around.