Lacey King — Veterinary Nurse

Biloxi, Mississippi

Lacey King is my wife of five years but has been my best friend for 15 years. Not only does she work full time at a veterinary hospital, but she has also been a volunteer for Friends of Jackson County Animal Shelter Pets. We also foster many animals and she prepares numerous health certificates so foster animals can go up north to their fur-ever homes. Every other Sunday (on her day off), she helps the rescue vaccinate foster pets, place them on heartworm and flea preventative, and educate the foster parents. The clinic she currently works at is Beachview Veterinary Animal Hospital. She explains the different heartworm and flea preventatives with clients in the clinic and out of the clinic. She’s been devoted to taking care of any animal’s needs since she was a small child. Currently she is bottle feeding nine orphaned raccoons for Wild@Heart. She has so much patience for very aggressive animals, and some owners, and eventually ends up winning their trust. This is her passion and has been in the vet world since she was 16. My wife is amazing at what she does and tells me at least once a week, “It’s not work if you love what you do.” All of this on top of being a mother of three and our own five dogs, three cats, and lots of chickens and turkeys. I can’t fit how amazing my wife is on one page. If only you knew. She is our hero!