Kerry Schaefer — Veterinary Nurse

Mount Joy, Pennsylvania

Kerry is a Vet Tech at Companion Animal Hospital. One of her many responsibilities is kitten adoptions. Occasionally boxes of kittens are left on the doorstep or are brought to the hospital by a concerned citizen. Kerry takes on the monumental task of getting these babies healthy, and finding them GOOD homes. This can include bottle feeding tiny kittens every few hours overnight, a task she does on her own time without compensation. While the kittens live at the hospital Kerry makes sure they get the socialization they need in addition to getting them seen by a doctor and vaccinated etc. Adopting a kitten that is already social, litter trained and vaccinated is so great for the adoptive family! Then she tackles the most difficult task of all, sorting through applications, making phone calls, and setting up visits to ensure that the adoptive family is the perfect forever home for the kitten. In the rare event the home does not work out, she takes the cat back and finds it yet another home. Homing an adult cat is significantly more challenging. She completes all these tasks with great love and compassion. In addition to her tasks at work she takes tremendous care of her three cats, her recently adopted shelter dog, her beta fish and her husband, in addition she is learning to keep bees. Beekeeping is so critical for our world! She is well deserving of this award and more.