Keri Sanders — Veterinarian

Stayton, Oregon

I have taken my pets to Dr. Sanders for years. Not only is she a very kind, caring and compassionate person, she is also very giving. She is always there when we need her not only for her clients but for others, as well. During the devastating fires in the Santiam Canyon last September there were many pets, mostly cats, who got scared and ran or their families had to flee without them. Without hesitation Dr. Sanders and her staff opened their doors and accepted many very badly burned cats and injured dogs. Some who had owners and many that people brought in to ask for help. They took care of these animals and nursed them back to health, sent the ones home who had families and helped find the families for the others who were brought in by people who found them — all of this at no charge to the families, many of whom were homeless at this point. When the word got out as to what she was doing, donations to her SOS account climbed to help her with the expenses for these injured pets. On one day, she had a completely free clinic for anyone to come for veterinary care if they had been impacted by the fires. She continued that free care for another month, and then on a case-by-case basis. She also offered a free clinic a few years back where veterans with pets who needed care and vaccinations could come in and they took care of their needs. Most of these people seeking help were not her regular clients. I feel Dr. Sanders is a true hero to our community and a fabulous veterinarian in many clients’ eyes.