Kenzie Ergen — Veterinary Nurse

Hutchinson, Minnesota

Kenzie Ergen grew up with a love for veterinary medicine. Her mom has been a technician since 1985 and as a child Kenzie loved going to work with her on days she didn’t have school. She remembers watching surgeries, comforting patients, observing appointments and talking to clients about their pets. Today, Kenzie is a hardworking, reliable, steadfast veterinary nurse. Kenzie shows up early and leaves late each day. Kenzie is very efficient and performs many tasks solo. Need a feral cat on the x-ray table? Kenzie’s on it. Need to premedicate an angry dog for surgery? No problem for Kenzie. She plays a vital role in the success of Lifelong Veterinary Clinic and is a perfect complement to the head veterinarian, Dr. Gearey. She acts as a main point of contact for many clients because of her extensive knowledge of the profession. I can recall many times clients calling and asking for Kenzie with questions regarding symptoms and signs their animal was displaying. Animal care is Kenzie’s top priority at all times.

I worked with Kenzie last summer when I interned at Lifelong Veterinary Clinic. Kenzie taught me an exceptional amount about diagnostics and medications. She even would write up study guides and folders of information for me to utilize when I was assisting with appointments. Kenzie opened my eyes to and exemplified the dedication and drive you must have to be a great veterinary nurse and that is why she deserves the Hero Vet Nurse award.