Kayla Meyer-Pope — Veterinary Nurse

Travelers Rest, South Carolina

Kayla has been an incredible vet tech and animal hero for years. She spearheaded the successful effort to raise money to cover the costs of a severely injured dog hit by a car on the highway and brought to CPAH for its medical issues. She raised enough money and more to cover Cleo’s surgery and rehabilitation. I ultimately adopted Cleo.

When another of my dogs ate a pencil that perforated her intestine, I was away and couldn’t be with my dog during this traumatic experience. The heartbreaking decision was made to euthanize, and Kayla sat with my Minnie speaking to her and loving on her as she passed. Kayla knew it devastated me to both lose Minnie and not be there for her. Kayla stood in my stead and helped Minnie pass covered in love. Not only this, the next week Kayla comes to my home one evening with a framed picture of my precious pup and her paw print in clay.

These are just two instances of Kayla going above and beyond. And I’m just one person who takes their pet to Cleveland Park, many others have similar stories. Kayla deserves recognition for her selfless dedication to animals and their healthcare.