Jill Elston — Veterinary Nurse

Milan, Pennsylvania

Jill is the embodiment of “American Hero Veterinary Nurse”. Since college, shelter medicine has been her passion, and a couple years after graduation she found her true purpose working at Animal Care Sanctuary. Serving and caring for those who had no home. Protecting the wounded, abused. Giving a chance to souls everyone else gave up on. She courageously leads a team of veterinary professionals who provide veterinary care in an under-served rural area, and Jill Herself has become the St. Jude of ACS, “Mama Jill’s Home for Lost Souls”. She is ALWAYS first in line to take home the sad, broken, sick, abused, or neglected creature. She regularly rehabilitates fearful dogs and recovers sick animals. Her special project, though, is being a hospice for older dogs and cats who aren’t candidates for adoption, but who still deserve the dignity of a home and a family at the end of their life. For all cats and dogs, she offers up her home, giving them a chance to flourish under comfortable (dare I say lavish) conditions, receiving the best of food and healthcare, a lively lifestyle, and a warm, soft spot next to Jill in the recliner or on the bed. Miss P. Kevin. Honey. Hershey. Yoda. Simza. Ava. Kado. Bacon. Barnaby. Poki. Grumio. Empress of Shadows. Squiggy. Mimi and her pups. Smokey. Teddy. Amos. Morgan. Edgar. The Bacon Bits. Cosby. Clancy. Murdock. Titan. Lou. Breeland. Yukon. Herc. Thousands of patients, hundreds of kittens, others I can’t recall. And Hickory, who started it all.