Jessica Garcia — Veterinary Nurse

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

I’m currently in school to gain my degree in veterinary technology and I’ve been working with Jessica for about a year while I’ve been in school. Jessica is everything I aspire to be as a veterinary nurse.

She is confident and dependable. I’ve always admired that Jessica is the first to speak up when something seems wrong. She is always concerned with making sure we are practicing “good medicine.” Her first thought is always with the safety of the pet and there have never been any issues with her keeping quiet when something needs to be said. I can’t imagine how many pets have been saved because of her willingness to step forward.

She is compassionate and giving. When we’re busy and everything is going crazy, Jessica still takes the time to show a little love and care to our patients. She’s quick to step up and help answer questions or show a new client where they can find the best information. She’s the first one that I turn to when asking about rescues or safe havens for found pets and I know she’s taken over a few pets of her own when the owners were ready to give up on them. Jessica is down to business, but she never forgets that our business is caring.

She’s an educator and a nurse. Jessica is always looking for opportunities for client education. She wants to make sure that our clients know the best way to take care of their beloved pets. She also helps to educate those of us around the clinic and has helped me to learn about nursing on multiple occasions!