Jeni Hudson — Veterinary Nurse

Decatur, Illinois

Jeni is a CVT. She is great at her job. I always tell people Jeni has nerves of steel and healing hands. Jeni founded a rescue 5 years ago, this rescue takes in pups with cleft palates and other disabilities. She NEVER turns a pup away. Once she arranged transport from New Mexico to Illinois to help save a pup with a cleft palate/ hydrocephalus. She called him Pip. When he passed away, I thought she might stop rescuing all together; but she knew there were more who needed her. Jeni is always researching ways to help the pups receive the best prognosis possible. She knows she cannot save them all; however, if they are willing to live she will fight to give them a chance. Jeni has cared for over 100 puppies in her career. She has spent hours tube feeding pups who would otherwise die if not for her. She has helped the ones who were suffering to cross over even if it breaks her heart. She spares no expense to make sure they have the best of everything they need. Jeni is always advocating for the special needs pups; spreading awareness that they can survive if given a chance. She is changing the way medical professionals view these pups. Until Jeni worked at NGPC pets with clefts were euthanized. Jeni was outside a C-Section when a pup was born with a cleft palate. He was to be euthanized. Jeni knew he deserved a CHANCE at life. She offered to take the pup even after EVERYONE told her he would die. Funny how one puppy and one CVT could change the minds of so many.