Jacqueline Geary — Veterinary Nurse

Westbury, New York

Jackie, is our ICU/ER Supervisor at VREC Westbury and has three young children at home. Jackie is a supervisor who still works on the floor with her staff. She works overnights and weekends in solidarity with her staff not because she has to, but so they have a leader in the building in those busy days and tough hours.

Jackie not only is an LVT, but she is working toward her VTS, always looking to advance her skills in her profession. She has helped many of our assistants who wanted to take the next step to becoming technicians by helping them enroll in Penn Foster and then mentoring them once they were in the program, setting up study sessions at her house or staying late at the hospital. Everyone who has been enrolled in Penn Foster and utilized Jackie’s study groups have all passed and are now LVTs.

Just as she is a champion for her staff, she is a champion for our patients and clients. Her passion for and love of animals is why she is in this profession. The level of caring shown to each and every one of our patients and their families far exceeds the call of her position. Jackie is a dedicated, compassionate and empathetic technician.