Heather Wilson-Robles — Veterinarian

College Station, Texas

Dr. Heather Wilson-Robles is a “rock star” because she is an amazing teacher, clinician, oncologist and researcher as associate professor of oncology and Palmer Chair at Texas A&M University. As a cutting-edge oncologist who cares for animals with cancer, Heather has grit, an innovative spirit, compassion, and impact on cancer research for the betterment of both animals and people.

Heather started in the Veterinary Small Animal Clinical Sciences Department in 2007 with her husband JC and a dream to develop new ways to treat pets with cancer. Almost immediately, she formed collaborations with scientists at MD Anderson Cancer Center to develop T-cell transplantation strategies for dogs with cancer. She has also investigated the interplay between tumor progression and treatment. While all of this work has significant impact, Heather is also devoted to the care of veterinary cancer patients. She understands how to discuss treatment and the emotional struggle that ensues towards the end of life. Much of her skills and compassion comes from her own family experience and personal journey.

In 2014, Heather’s husband, JC, was diagnosed with colon cancer, and Heather cared for him and supported him until he passed away April 2015. If we can cure cancer in dogs, we can cure cancer in people. Through Heather’s strength, determination and grace, she is working even harder to find a cure through leadership of clinical trials, oncology research and mentoring of students.