Heather Czerpak — Veterinary Nurse

McMurray, Pennsylvania

Heather is the kind of nurse everyone in the field should strive to become. She is a CVT and a VTS in ECC. She never lets her patients down and is a constant voice for them. She is always striving to better herself and everyone around her, so that they may become the best that they can be. Heather travels to local general practice hospitals to provide CE and teach RECOVER CPR to everyone there and regularly holds CE talks at our hospital. When I think of a hero in the field, it’s always Heather. She is a training mentor and is always pushing others to strive to be better. If there is something someone doesn’t know, Heather is always willing to help them understand without judgement. She makes learning fun and brings life back into her coworkers during long and hard shifts. To me and many others, Heather truly is a hero, not only for her patients but for her coworkers as well.