Dr. Terry Morris — Veterinarian

Apex, North Carolina

Dr. Terry Morris, MS, DVM, PhD is my nominee and deserves the title of American Hero Veterinarian for many reasons, however the key reason I am nominating her today is because she is the founder and driving force behind the nonprofit, Vets to Vets United (, which pairs service members with rescue dogs and helps to train, rehabilitate, support and develop teams that not only help this initial pairing, but also serve the greater community. Dr. Morris is a veterinarian and the Gold Star daughter of a U.S Airman killed during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Her passion, drive, incredible skills and community focus are creating a ripple effect not only in Durham, North Carolina but one that expands past this boundary in multiple ways.

Dr. Morris has led initiatives for mental health support for veterans, and supports local rescue dogs through this nonprofit she founded (see link above). I have been involved in supporting Vets to Vets United, and have seen Dr. Morris in action, training new dogs, pairing veterans with these pups, providing outreach to families facing the deployment of service members, providing therapy to wounded soldiers – the list…endless. Her impact…indescribable. Her passion…unstoppable.

Choosing Dr. Morris as the American Hero Veterinarian is not only a wise choice, it also would be an amazing choice and one that would honor her, the veterans, the shelter pups, and more. Thank you for your consideration!