Dr. Rebekah Hartfield — Veterinarian

Tryon, OK

Dr. Rebekah Hartfield likes to say, “I fought to get into vet school, fought to stay in and fought to get out.” Her personal struggle to pursue her passion of being a veterinarian is a badge she wears with honor. I also believe it’s why she fights so hard to take the best possible care of the animals she sees daily at the Cushing Veterinary Clinic in rural Oklahoma.

Dr. Hartfield is one of about 25 rural veterinarians that helps care for over 57,000 food animals found in Payne County, Oklahoma. That’s over 2,200 food animals per practicing vet.

Dr. Hartfield is hoping to help with the shortage in a unique way.

By combining her three loves: reading, teaching and caring for animals, Dr. Hartfield hopes to inspire the next generation of veterinarians with her book series: Doctor Hartfield Veterinary Book Series. Proceeds from the sale of the books goes to support a scholarship at the Oklahoma State University Center for Veterinary Health Sciences.

Since self-publishing her first book this past summer, Dr. Hartfield has read to over 3,500 students at schools, libraries and events across Oklahoma and Texas. She talks to the kids about being a veterinarian and what it means to care for animals, both small and large, every day. She does all this while still working 60 hours a week at the clinic, answering farm calls and taking care of her own animals on her ranch.

I’m confident she is planting seeds for a new generation of vets that will credit her one day for their careers.