Dr. Jacob Rehard — Veterinarian

Montrose, Colorado

I have worked with Dr. Jake for almost 10 years in our rural mountain community. He is a kind, quiet soul with a sense of humor appreciated by all who know him. In a time when student debts are soaring and rural veterinary medicine is underserved, he has committed his life to serving the ranchers and pet owners in our community. Less than two years ago, he opened Black Canyon Veterinary Clinic, and every year since, this amazing team he built has won the prestigious distinction of “Best Veterinary Clinic in the Valley.”

I am honored to work alongside this man who grew his business knowledge in his spare time in order to manage in an honest and responsible manner, and who believes that providing emergency care 24/7 to our community is important enough to give up 50 percent of his personal time, and who also has served as the local shelter vet for several years providing help to low-cost clinics. Jake also plans to start an emergency clinic in our small town to provide relief to the other veterinarians who are suffering the same work burden. At BCVC, where we fight for a healthy culture of positivity, peace and healing, good work/family balance, I have seen him become a man who stands up for what is right and good, starting with the workplace he has built.