Dr. Bryan Waldridge — Veterinarian

Versailles, Kentucky

Dr. Bryan Waldridge is the American Humane Hero Veterinarian of the year in the eyes of the technicians who have had the privilege to work with him. Dr. Waldridge graduated from Auburn University. He has worked at Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital and Kentucky Equine Research, where he participated in equine nutrition research, development of new products, and withdrawal times of commonly used equine drugs. He was a treating veterinarian at the Atlanta Olympic Games and a regulatory veterinarian at the 2015 Breeders’ Cup. In 2016, he joined Park Equine Hospital at Woodford where he shares his wisdom, knowledge, and experience with his coworkers.

He has dedication and drive like no other, as a volunteer veterinarian at Old Friends Thoroughbred Farm for retired racehorses to caring for many rescued horses that survived and were rehomed. One such case was an emaciated older Tennessee Walking Horse mare that had to be admitted into her stall upon a rescue glide because she was unable to stand and walk. After weeks of constant care, she went on to a local equine adoption center with a chance for a better life. Through his involvement with this horse, he was able to meet and work with a Kentucky state representative to help change equine cruelty laws.

Dr. Waldridge has been there for animal owners in times of need, whether they are saying goodbye to their horse, llama, or goat, and offers a shoulder to cry on. He is a mentor for youth in 4-H. He is the definition of a hero veterinarian.