David Crouch — Veterinarian

Asheville, North Carolina

Dr. Crouch is an amazing man and veterinarian! I rescued a dog, Blue, from a cruelty case who needed special orthopedic surgery. I reached out to Dr. Crouch who agreed to perform the surgery. While many miles and states distanced us, his love for animals and desire to provide the best care, proved miles do not matter. Dr. Crouch, at his own expense, flew to us, picked up the broken baby and returned him to us on the road to healing. Aside from the giving of his time and money to retrieve and return Blue, Dr. Crouch discounted the surgery greatly; more than one can imagine. It doesn’t stop there! Dr. Crouch is also a volunteer pilot with Pilots N Paws. He provides his service of flying homeless animals from state to state to begin a new life at no charge. The animals he flies to new homes are destined for euthanasia. When transports are problematic logistically, Dr. Crouch steps up! And if that isn’t enough, he guided a personal friend to a surgeon that saved her dog from what was a death sentence. If Dr. Crouch can’t save them, he finds those that can. His work is paramount in not only saving broken bodies, but saving lives as well. Dr. Crouch is a true hero!