Daniele Knight — Veterinarian

Alpena, Michigan

Dr. Daniele not only treats each pet as if they were her own, she also trains all of her staff to be as thorough as possible. She and her husband (Dr. Ryan Knight) donate tens of thousands of dollars worth of services every year to local shelter adoptees for FREE spays, neuters, and exams. They also participate in a “Trap, Neuter, Return” program, where they spay/neuter feral cats that are trapped by community members and brought in for the procedure, for the cost of only $50. They have recently had the practice AAHA accredited, and they practice these standards not only on regular patients, but also on every shelter/TNR animal that has a surgery performed there. She has been on our local news several times, unpaid, to promote animal welfare, like NOT declawing cats, getting annual testing for heartworm and tick borne diseases, and the dangers of essential oils in homes with pets. Dr. Daniele is also vegan, for the reason of the carbon footprint left behind by each human, so she really cares about the environment as well. She has designated areas in the clinic for recyclable items. She has worked very hard to train her staff to be “fear-free” in handling pets. Her clinic does absolutely EVERYTHING right, and she deserves to be recognized, not only for her love of animals, but for her donations to the community, and also her standards of care!