Amy Edwards — Veterinary Nurse

Roswell, Georgia

Amy Edwards, RVT, VTS (Dentistry), is an exceptional veterinary nurse and helps to maintain a high standard of care regarding animal dentistry and surgery. She spends her spare time traveling and teaching others in her field veterinary dentistry. She has helped to bring a massive amount of awareness regarding the importance of including veterinary nurses in dentistry training and also takes on students wishing to become credentialed in veterinary dentistry. Amy has the right amount of patience and kindness to deal with difficult clients and patients. Working with her is an honor and I have learned so much from her. I think it’s the least she deserves for all of her dedication to veterinary dentistry! She had a double bypass at 40 years old last year due to a heart attack and has come back better than ever. She has remained strong and steady throughout life’s problems and I would love to see her hard work and determination get rewarded. Thank you for your time and consideration.