Kayla Stein — Veterinary Nurse

Kayla Stein is a Veterinary Technician at Lincolnshire Animal Hospital. I first met Kayla when she was working at a clinic near my house when I got a boxer puppy seven years ago. She has been there for all the medical milestones in my dogs’ lives. She has always provided the best care for my babies as their nurse. Through the years we have become friends, and she treats and loves on my babies like they are her own. She has always been a kind and compassionate nurse that goes the extra mile.

Upon her getting a new position at a different facility, she found out I was going to have to put my older boxer down. Even though she could not be there during one of the hardest times of my life and an unbearable decision, she was in touch with the clinic and worked with the staff there to ensure that everything was in place. That, for me, made it a little more bearable when I was losing my best friend.

She has been the nurse to sit in the kennels with my babies after surgery and let me know they are ok. I trust her immensely with my dogs’ care. I truly believe that someone who loves your babies is important when it comes to their medical care. I started going to a new clinic, even though it’s 45 minutes away, because of Kayla and the trust I have in her, and I am so happy I did because the whole staff there is amazing.