Katherine “Kaci” Wolcott — Veterinary Nurse

Katherine “Kaci” Wolcott, RVT has saved more than 2,400 animals that have been rescued through the Humane Department of Animal Charity of Ohio, since June 2017. She has worked at Animal Charity for six years and has helped treat THOUSANDS more. The 2,400 animals brought into our Humane Department have been abused, neglected, hoarded, abandoned and tortured. She works on felony abuse cases and helps bring justice to many animals who have lost their lives at the hands of their abusers. Kaci is on call 24 hours each day, 365 days per year. Last year, when she was going through cancer treatment, she still worked from home every day and made herself available for emergencies as needed. She currently not only runs appointments in our affordable veterinary clinic during the week, but she maintains the care of more than 130 animals in our shelter daily. Working with Kaci is full of moments that keep our staff motivated and supported. She is the shoulder to cry on, the one with the answers, and the one the whole staff can call a friend. Many animals would have lost their lives if it wasn’t for Kaci. We could not be prouder of her work and spirit.