Frank Torres — Veterinary Nurse

I am nominating veterinary technician Frank Torres from Desert Paws Mobile Veterinary Care. When I made my first appointment for my dogs, I was expecting a female technician to come with the veterinarian because the majority of technicians seem to be female (at least from my personal experience). Frank came into the house with the veterinarian, and I was nervous because my dogs can be very nervous. I needn’t have worried at all. Frank sat down and got some treats out and started just tossing them to my dogs since he could see they weren’t sure. Soon one of my dogs was hanging out near him and he was able to help the vet complete her exam with only gentle handling and yummy treats. He is gentle, knowledgeable and friendly; exactly what I needed to feel comfortable with the care my dogs were getting. Note when they have a vet appointment, my dogs know that they will be taken care of, and they know they will get some delicious snacks. Frank’s demeanor, knowledge and willingness to meet the animals at their comfort level make him an excellent veterinary nurse and person.