Dr. Logan Wood — Veterinarian

Minot, North Dakota

I have known Dr. Logan for several years. When I first met Dr. Logan, he was working full time as the veterinarian of our local zoo and volunteering in the evenings at our shelter. He would put in a full day at the zoo then spend another 6 hours at the shelter completing intake exams on 100-150 animals coming off transport vehicles from high kill shelters to our no kill shelter.

As the veterinarian for the Souris Valley Animal Shelter, Dr. Logan is required to work long hours and is on call 24/7. He cares for and does all the initial intakes for the shelter as well as continued follow up care for the animals as they wait in foster homes and in the shelter for their forever homes. Dr. Logan goes above and beyond for these animals. He calls and texts foster families to provide continued care for sick or injured animals and gives advice and encouragement to the family members. Dr. Logan was instrumental in the design and layout of the multimillion-dollar upgrade to our shelter. He will oversee the whole surgical ward and perform required surgical intervention for the shelter animals, in the hopes to eventually open the clinic up to the animals even after they find their forever families.

Dr. Logan has even made house calls on his own time to evaluate sick and/or pregnant dogs, pups, cats, and kittens. He is a humble man that does not want to be in the spotlight, but I have never met anyone so dedicated to the care and wellbeing of animals in our community.

He also volunteers his time with several local indigenous communities, in North Dakota, providing free vaccine clinics and medical care to the people of the Turtle Mountains and MHA (Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara) nations.