Cassie Woodward — Veterinary Nurse

I’m not sure how long Cassie has been at the Critter Clinic, but I do know it has been since she was in high school. Through the years we learned that we lived near each other, and she would always wave if she saw us outside.

On a professional side, she really loves these animals! When my dogs go in, she seems to be the only one that they will go get weighed for freely without pulling back. One funny story was when my mom was visiting, she dressed her chihuahua in a Santa suit and the dog got so mad we couldn’t get her out of it. I was so embarrassed to call them, but they told us to bring her down and they would try. Apparently, Cassie is the chihuahua whisperer. She was truly the only one that dog would allow to try to get her out of the outfit. Imagine Cassie’s reaction when I showed up two days later with my mom’s dog AGAIN stuffed in a Santa suit and mad as all heck!

Once when my cat became acutely ill, I contacted Cassie in tears. It was after hours, but she came to my home to assess him, and it was obvious he needed to be humanely euthanized. Cassie called one of the vets that agreed to meet us at the clinic to do it. This was an unexpected and extremely emotional time. I don’t think I could have survived that day without her.

Cassie has a smile and southern charm that you can’t help but love. And her heart for these animals is as true as they come. Going to the vet can always be challenging with nervous animals, but Cassie always puts the animals AND the humans at ease.